“Fighting Fate” Another Light show by Faye.

Song: Fighting Fate by iMeiden .

Venue: Virtual world in Capture lighting software

A Design statement by Faye Archip.

The song “Fighting Fate” by iMeiden Feels like it could be used. To describe the Trans experience. Or at least mine.

I portray the start of the journey as the reveal of the Actor. @ 0:31 seconds.Then I bring the intensity back down, as if the Actor does not know. what they want to do. At the first drop I would envision that the actor would transform into a more feminine figure. Then Have a reveal. Which starts with the second “claps” .

The part about “Heart is pounding fast, People blurring past” I would describe as the stress about coming out to Friends and Family. It might not be all peachy and happy. You could break some eggs. The line “So if I give up, stitches will come undone. And I’ll not see the person I’ve become” echoes inside me As it’s a Journey. It’s the path you start, with HRT. it’s not over night you get the attributes you want. Nor automatic for strangers to use your correct pronouns. But, But, It will help fix your gender dysphoria. After awhile people can pick up on the changes. And you become the real you..

It is a Journey, start out taking inches, feet, then a full track. Then keep on running.

LD: Faye Archip