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Revised January 26, 2023

Our group was formed in 2016 to help make friends and connections.  Finding friends who share common interests can be tough, so the purpose of the LGBTQ+ Anime group is to make Friendships and Networking easier to happen. 

Our group is LGBTQ+ people and allies who enjoy anime and other geeky things such as:

• anime/manga
• gaming (video games, board games, card games, etc)
• movies
• fanfiction/fanart/shipping
• food (picnics/restaurants)
• ice-skating/swimming (like Yuri!!! on Ice or Free!)
• clubbing/drag shows
• karaoke/music
• conventions
• Pride/rallies

As with any public organization, people come and go, and the LGBTQ+ group is accepting new members on a frequent basis. People that meet on the Meetup Website, or people that meet on the Discord server might be strangers to one another. Therefore in order to make our community friendlier, in order to have a safe enjoyable environment and experience, common etiquette needs to be followed. After all, everybody wants to feel comfortable, feel safe, be themselves freely in this group; that’s why we are all here.

Our Policies for the group. 

Rules for IRL meetups.
We want to create a space where everyone feels safe, comfortable and welcome. To achieve this, at Meetups, we expect everyone to hold themselves accountable to respecting other club members. Every person’s identity should be respected as valid, so please refrain from disparaging remarks, purposeful misgendering, etc.
The LGBTQ anime group does not want illicit activities (e.g. illegal drugs) happening at our events. What you do on your own time is your own business but when you bring it to the group we may be found liable if there is any trouble with the law.
The event organizers reserve the right to ask any attendee to leave if that person is causing issues. Repeated issues can lead to a ban or other punishment, to be determined by the leadership of the group.

These are some of the rules of etiquette to follow on our Discord:

  1. Hate Speech: No hatred/bigotry toward marginalized groups will be allowed. This includes sexism, racism, ableism, fatphobia, and hatred to any LGBTQIA+ identity. If you accidentally post something you didn’t know was bigoted, we will be lenient and try to educate you, but repeated offenses or blatant bigotry will result in a ban.
    • Note: Memes/jokes/brief venting toward non-marginalized groups (such as “down with cis”, “I hate men”, etc.) are exempt from this rule. However, extreme/lengthy hateful rants toward any group are discouraged as it creates a negative atmosphere. If a mod asks you to drop a topic or step away from the keyboard to cool your head, listen to them. As with any of these rules, repeat violators run the risk of kicks/bans.
  2. Be Respectful of Your Peers: This is pretty straightforward and related to the previous rule. Be nice to your fellow group members. Demeaning and insulting language are not allowed in this server. This includes putting down another member’s identity, as well as purposeful misgendering, etc. Repeated issues can lead to a ban or other punishment, to be determined by the leadership of the group.
  3. NSFW content: Any channel that is not strictly marked as NSFW may not have any content that is lewd in nature. Misplaced NSFW chats and images will be removed by the leadership. Repeated infractions by the same member will lead to a ban. Anyone who wants access to the NSFW chats must meet with one of the event organizers at a meetup, or else show proof of age (e.g. through DMing a group leader). Once it is verified that you are not a minor, the appropriate role for NSFW access can be given. (edited)
  4. Emotional Support Chats: There is a personal-support chat on this discord, for discussion of emotional topics/venting anger. It requires leadership permission to join. it is granted at their discretion. Since we have this Personal Support chat, members will be discouraged from discussing their problems in the main chats. The personal support chat will be monitored by group leaders. Do keep in mind we are not psychologists/psychiatrists. As such this is not meant to replace professional support. As such at the discretion of leadership, the member may be advised to get professional help. At the discretion of Leadership, emotionally unstable members may be banned for a set time, in order to protect the dynamic of the group, and welcomed back after seeking professional help.
  5. Promotional Channel: Our discord has a non-group-promos channel which is meant for advertising anything outside of our group meetups. This can be anything from selling items you have, promoting your social media links, sharing online sales, etc. The “Section 9” role is required to be able to post in non-group-promos. Once you have met us at a event (in-person or virtual), or if you have been very active on the server, you will be given the Section 9 role. This role gives you permission to advertise in the non-group-promos channel, as well as some other perks.
  6. Conversations Out of Place: Any conversation that in not related to the topic of the channel is in, may be removed. Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know where something should be posted 🙂 The leadership will redirect the members who are partaking in the off topic conversations, to the correct channels. Repeated off-topic conversations can lead to a ban, at the discretion of leadership. Any member who repeatedly posts NSFW content, Emotional Support content, or Promotional content in the wrong channels will be punished at the discretion of Leadership, by Warning or Bans.
  7. Keep It Legal: If you’re going to break a law, don’t talk about it here. This includes illicit drugs, internet piracy, theft, or anything else currently illegal in the state of Texas. Exceptions apply for any law that may be passed criminalizing LGBTQ+ identities or LGBTQ+ related activities. (Such as sodomy laws, anti-trans laws, etc.) Note: Rule does not apply to discussion of activism to change current laws. For example, “I signed a ‘marijuana should be legal’ petition” is OK, but “Anyone wanna come over and get stoned?” is NOT OK. All activism planning and discussion should go in the channel #row-row-fight-tha-power, which requires the “Section 9” role and add it via the -role command.
    • P.S. saying “Be Gay Do Crime” doesn’t count for this rule 🙂

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Leadership is not paid to run this group, and have costs (meetup.com Website…etc) If you would like to donate to the admins/mods https://pally.gg/p/lgbtqanimeaustin