Chinese New Year at OMG Squee

]On 2/17/24 Members of our group attended the Chinese New year event at OMG Squee. it was very interesting seeing crafters and groups from the Asian community, with their products for sale. AAAFF was advertising there Asian American Queer prom . The main event was the Dragon dance and New years celebration.

Picture of the white Dragons head, sitting on a picnic table
Photo by @tietoons on X and insta!
Chinese New year Celebration @ OMG Squee Video by @tietoons on X and insta!

The dragon dance was fun to watch along with the drums performance.

Looking at the drums setup
Q-A [Quartzy-Amethyst] Photo of Drum setup at OMG Squee.

I would like to think the following people for contributing photos from this event

Juice’s socials are juice.tex on insta. dadmondmiles on X. on mastadon

Tietoons socials are on tietoons on Insta and tietoons on X.

Q-A [Quartzy-Amethyst] to be updated soon!

Board games in the afternoon.

Come join us at Emerald Tavern Games and Café! Saturday
November 11th!

One of our groups Assistant Organizers, Mattilda. RSVPed the small room at
Emerald Tavern.

The room reservation includes all-day access to the game library! Your more than welcome to bring a table top game from home, or use Emerald Tavern’s game library.

Rsvp Here! for this gaming afternoon!

The event starts at 12pm. the plan is we will eat first and then do gaming!
Here is food and drink menu (No outside food or drink is allowed)

The event ends at 6pm. but once again you can continue using the Emerald Tavern’s game library, and hang out at a general table.

Virtual Weekend is coming!

Sunday (moved from Tomorrow due to a IRL scheduling issue ) Virtual Coffee shop. Drink your favorite brews while chatting on discord. Saturday Anime Afternoon and Night Highlights. we will watch the first two eps of SPY x FAMILY . along with some interesting titles from Netflix/Crunchy/HiDive Come Join us!

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Saturday Events

Virtual coffee shop at 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM CDT On our discord.  #general-voice-chat.

Anime Afternoon/Night(Online)

3:30 PM to 11:30 PM CDT On our Discord #anime-night-video

Feel free to join us!

Virtual Coffee Shop Chat. Weekly Saturday @ 3p Central

This event is hosted by Faye this week and will be shorter than usual. “I think we need a chance to talk and discuss about random things. Be it queer issues, anime that you have been watching, or what your pet is doing. Just a nice relaxing social event.”

So thus a Virtual coffee shop meetup. Lets brew some good coffee, at home, and enjoy each others company. (Alternate beverages welcome :))

This will take place on our Discord in #general-voice-chat.
A link to the discord server can be found at

If you have any problems with connecting to Discord please let us know!

More info can be found on the meetup page