“Fighting Fate” Another Light show by Faye.

Song: Fighting Fate by iMeiden .

Venue: Virtual world in Capture lighting software

A Design statement by Faye Archip.

The song “Fighting Fate” by iMeiden Feels like it could be used. To describe the Trans experience. Or at least mine.

I portray the start of the journey as the reveal of the Actor. @ 0:31 seconds.Then I bring the intensity back down, as if the Actor does not know. what they want to do. At the first drop I would envision that the actor would transform into a more feminine figure. Then Have a reveal. Which starts with the second “claps” .

The part about “Heart is pounding fast, People blurring past” I would describe as the stress about coming out to Friends and Family. It might not be all peachy and happy. You could break some eggs. The line “So if I give up, stitches will come undone. And I’ll not see the person I’ve become” echoes inside me As it’s a Journey. It’s the path you start, with HRT. it’s not over night you get the attributes you want. Nor automatic for strangers to use your correct pronouns. But, But, It will help fix your gender dysphoria. After awhile people can pick up on the changes. And you become the real you..

It is a Journey, start out taking inches, feet, then a full track. Then keep on running.

LD: Faye Archip

My experience with Name and Gender marker change.

Hello everyone, Faye here. Today I am writing about my Name and Gender marker change, here in the state of Texas in Travis county. 
I am not a Lawyer this my Experience. 

I followed a older version of this guide .(Link is to the current version as of this blog post). Now this is what I did. 

First Step: Start HRT

I started HRT, awhile ago @ the Kind clinic.  after some time I was able to request the Physicians letter. that says the changes are permanent, and it is necessary for my Gender to be changed. 

 Step Two: Fingerprints 

I elected to use APD fingerprinting  service. It was just like when I had to get/renew my DFW airport credentials. The technician was very nice. its inkless, and they give you two cards. 

Step Three: FBI Case #

Since I was all ready in the system from DFW Airport Access Control. I was known in the system. According to everyone I spoke with at the Law library and the courts. its only needed if I had a criminal record. so I did not have to get it.  

Step Four: Fill out the form and get it reviewed

The Travis county  Law library  helped a lot as they helped correct some errors on my filling it out

Step Five: Walk over to the court house and do the court thing.

The court house accepts Checks. (link to there fee page) I was able to use my temporary checks, As they did not accept Debit and Credit cards. To do the filing it was $298. Then from there I was sent to the Family Law section of the Court. I met a nice court employee who ran around and got the papers approved by the appropriate judges. Then I had to go back down and file the signed copies of the order. The records Clerk made Certified copies for me, I payed the fee for it. This took about 2 hours. 

Step Six: Update All the things.

The first thing I did was drive to a Drivers license office, showed them the court order and got my Name and Gender changed with no issue.  it just cost me the duplicate license fee.

The next thing I did was update my name and Gender with Social Security, it went smooth. 

I updated my banks and other important things. 

I still need to update my Birth certificate, Passport. 

I need to check with the Tax office about my car registration.

Step Seven: figure out how to link your Old Identity to your Current one. Also train your voice.

As a Designer, My name is out there as Jason, on many sites. I can not just call 50+ Organizations to update my Name with them. Its awkward for background checks, and showing clients previous work I have done. 

I usually say, ” and here is a design I did under my old name, ” and go from there.