My experience with Name and Gender marker change.

Hello everyone, Faye here. Today I am writing about my Name and Gender marker change, here in the state of Texas in Travis county. 
I am not a Lawyer this my Experience. 

I followed a older version of this guide .(Link is to the current version as of this blog post). Now this is what I did. 

First Step: Start HRT

I started HRT, awhile ago @ the Kind clinic.  after some time I was able to request the Physicians letter. that says the changes are permanent, and it is necessary for my Gender to be changed. 

 Step Two: Fingerprints 

I elected to use APD fingerprinting  service. It was just like when I had to get/renew my DFW airport credentials. The technician was very nice. its inkless, and they give you two cards. 

Step Three: FBI Case #

Since I was all ready in the system from DFW Airport Access Control. I was known in the system. According to everyone I spoke with at the Law library and the courts. its only needed if I had a criminal record. so I did not have to get it.  

Step Four: Fill out the form and get it reviewed

The Travis county  Law library  helped a lot as they helped correct some errors on my filling it out

Step Five: Walk over to the court house and do the court thing.

The court house accepts Checks. (link to there fee page) I was able to use my temporary checks, As they did not accept Debit and Credit cards. To do the filing it was $298. Then from there I was sent to the Family Law section of the Court. I met a nice court employee who ran around and got the papers approved by the appropriate judges. Then I had to go back down and file the signed copies of the order. The records Clerk made Certified copies for me, I payed the fee for it. This took about 2 hours. 

Step Six: Update All the things.

The first thing I did was drive to a Drivers license office, showed them the court order and got my Name and Gender changed with no issue.  it just cost me the duplicate license fee.

The next thing I did was update my name and Gender with Social Security, it went smooth. 

I updated my banks and other important things. 

I still need to update my Birth certificate, Passport. 

I need to check with the Tax office about my car registration.

Step Seven: figure out how to link your Old Identity to your Current one. Also train your voice.

As a Designer, My name is out there as Jason, on many sites. I can not just call 50+ Organizations to update my Name with them. Its awkward for background checks, and showing clients previous work I have done. 

I usually say, ” and here is a design I did under my old name, ” and go from there.