Chinese New Year at OMG Squee

]On 2/17/24 Members of our group attended the Chinese New year event at OMG Squee. it was very interesting seeing crafters and groups from the Asian community, with their products for sale. AAAFF was advertising there Asian American Queer prom . The main event was the Dragon dance and New years celebration.

Picture of the white Dragons head, sitting on a picnic table
Photo by @tietoons on X and insta!
Chinese New year Celebration @ OMG Squee Video by @tietoons on X and insta!

The dragon dance was fun to watch along with the drums performance.

Looking at the drums setup
Q-A [Quartzy-Amethyst] Photo of Drum setup at OMG Squee.

I would like to think the following people for contributing photos from this event

Juice’s socials are juice.tex on insta. dadmondmiles on X. on mastadon

Tietoons socials are on tietoons on Insta and tietoons on X.

Q-A [Quartzy-Amethyst] to be updated soon!