Update to our Coronavirus response

this is a follow up post to our last virus post on march 14.


Hello everyone,

We are still not holding IRL meetups. We discussed this and decided it was still too soon to be social in a physical meetup space.

once I have a more firm idea, of when we go back to IRL meetups i will let everyone know.




Hello everyone. 

I am giving a update in regards to the Coronavirus. 

I have decided to suspend all of our group’s IRL meetups. This is out of concern of safety of our members. I will continue to monitor the situation and decide when its safe to restart the IRL meetups.

This was a hard decision to make. But I felt with the amount of uncertainty and cases of the virus in the Austin area. I did not want our group meetups to be a vector for spreading the virus. 


Be safe, and awesome.

Faye Archip

Leader of the LGBTQ+ anime Austin