Virtual Weekend is coming!

Sunday (moved from Tomorrow due to a IRL scheduling issue ) Virtual Coffee shop. Drink your favorite brews while chatting on discord. Saturday Anime Afternoon and Night Highlights. we will watch the first two eps of SPY x FAMILY . along with some interesting titles from Netflix/Crunchy/HiDive Come Join us!

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Saturday Events

Virtual coffee shop at 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM CDT On our discord.  #general-voice-chat.

Anime Afternoon/Night(Online)

3:30 PM to 11:30 PM CDT On our Discord #anime-night-video

Feel free to join us!

Anime night – Test Signals

I am doing a light show, each Saturday night, as content for “Testing the streaming platform” .

Anyways Here is last nights show

Anyways its on Saturday night @ 6:30P -> 7P Then anime after that till about 1AM

see our meetup page for event details and RSVP

Indigenous Peoples’ Day, October 10 2022

This is a bit belated, but October 10 was Indigenous People’s Day. Group leaders would like to give acknowledgement to the many native peoples that lived (and some who still live) in what is now called the greater Austin area. You can learn about one such tribe, the Lipan Apache, at their website

Other native peoples with historical claim to land in the Austin area include the Jumanos, Coahuiltecan, Comanche, Tonkawa, and Sana.

If you live in Waco, Dallas-Fort Worth, Llano, Fredericksburg, etc, you are on Kickapoo land and can learn about the Kickapoo tribe here:

Visit to learn more about specifics of the Indigenous roots of where you live.

Pride Month Charity Raffle 2022!

It’s time again for our group’s annual Pride Month Charity Raffle! This year it will be running from Tuesday May 10 through Sunday July 10!

You may participate by making a donation to any reputable* LGBTQIA+ related charitable organization, or to individual LGBTQIA+ people in need. Additionally, this year we are also accepting participants who donate to reproductive health organizations/abortion funds.

For every $5 you donate, you will be entered in the raffle one time. Of course you can be entered multiple times if you donate more 🙂

When you make a donation, please DM us the proof of your donation. (DMs accepted through our Twitter account or via Discord to the user juice.tex#7378)

If you don’t have any idea of where to donate, here are some suggestions:

Winners will be selected by the random number generator at, and the number of winners will be proportionate to the number of people who donated. (E.g. if 3 people donate, 1 winner will be picked. If 10 people donate, then 2 or 3 people will be picked.)

Prize list is in need of updating, but some of the available prizes include:

“Transposes” (115-page graphic novel by Dylan Edwards about the lives of various transmasculine people)
“Pride For All” Bumper sticker with many different pride flags on it
5 varied stickers, your choice of pride-related or otherwise
Full set of seven rainbow dice suitable for Dungeons & Dragons/other tabletop RPGs
Zippered fabric pouch with various different pride flags on it
Artisan crafted soap, your choice of fragrance (I have a lot of them)
6 oz candle from Delve, various scents available
Your choice of pride button/pronoun pin I will buy you off Etsy. Any pronoun/flag/name on it that you want. (If you can’t find something you like I will help you.)
“Good Vibes Only” notepad with subtle rainbow design
“Pride Month Is Every Month” notepad
Pride-flag inspired art print
Embroidered pride themed patch (iron on or sew on) – your choice out of three designs
“I’m Bisexual, YOU’RE confused” pin button – your choice out of three colors
$10 gift card to The Little Gay Shop (I will up this to $25 if we raise more than $100 in total donations!)

*”Reputable” meaning we don’t want any donations going to hateful/exclusionary groups such as LGB Alliance or whatever