Fact/Flag of the Day for March 23 2023

“Polysexual” is a term describing sexual attraction to multiple genders but not all genders.

“Polysexual” should not be confused with “polyamorous”, which means having or desiring a relationship with more than one partner at the same time (with the informed consent of all partners involved).

Polysexual and Polyromantic Visibility Day is celebrated on July 26.

The term “polysexual” dates back at least to the 80’s: a 1988 issue of an anarchist publication in Toronto, The Ecomedia Bulletin, stated that an organization called the Lavender Panthers of Discordia was seeking “Information, ideas or articles concerning AIDS, quarantining, gay/lesbian/polysexual liberation, paganism, animal liberation or antistatism”.

Polysexual is part of the mspec (multigender attraction spectrum) umbrella.

The polysexual flag consists of three horizontal stripes in pink (#F714BA), green (#01D66A), and blue (#1594F6).

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