Saturday Events

Virtual coffee shop at 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM CDT On our discord.  #general-voice-chat.

Anime Afternoon/Night(Online)

3:30 PM to 11:30 PM CDT On our Discord #anime-night-video

Feel free to join us!

Virtual Coffee Shop Chat. Weekly Saturday @ 3p Central

This event is hosted by Faye this week and will be shorter than usual. “I think we need a chance to talk and discuss about random things. Be it queer issues, anime that you have been watching, or what your pet is doing. Just a nice relaxing social event.”

So thus a Virtual coffee shop meetup. Lets brew some good coffee, at home, and enjoy each others company. (Alternate beverages welcome :))

This will take place on our Discord in #general-voice-chat.
A link to the discord server can be found at

If you have any problems with connecting to Discord please let us know!

More info can be found on the meetup page

Anime Afternoon / Anime night This Saturday Starting at 3:30pm Central (changed from 3pm,)(Virtural)

WENO Set@ UT Arlington
WENO Set@ UT Arlington

Come Join and hang out while Faye plays anime, art stuff, and other interesting things. through Discord, and our streaming infra

Also free to come by and go at your leisure since this is virtually in your own home. Feel free to suggest anything in Discord or here We look forward to seeing you (virtually)


currently, the playlist is…..
Knights of Sidonia
Death March to the parallel world rhapsody
summoned to another world for a second time|
Yuri!!! on ICE
Vampire in the garden
 Assassination classroom.
Show By rock!!!
along with anything anyone suggests

the art is going to be lighting design renders works. along with other works. (like AMV

Join us In Discord and/or our streaming infra

RSVP on Meetup