Fact of the Day/Flag of the Day for April 26 2021

Fact of the day/Flag of the Day is a new thing we are doing to help educate our members! Feedback is welcome via email, Twitter, or Discord!

“Achillean” is an umbrella term for any men or male-aligned nonbinaries who are attracted to men/male-aligned nonbinaries. For example, gay men, pansexual men, and demiboys attracted to other demiboys could all be considered achillean. The term is derived from the mythical character Achilles who had a relationship with Patroclus.

Some alternate terms for achillean are “vincian” (derived from Leonardo da Vinci), “wildean” (derived from Oscar Wilde), and “hyacique” from the Hyacinth flower and minor Greek deity.

The achillean pride flag incorporates blue as the color of maleness, and a green carnation which is a historical symbol of gayness.