Fact/Flag of the Day for May 11 2021

Queer is an identity that can be claimed by anyone who falls on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. The word queer appeared in the English language around the year 1500, meaning “strange, peculiar, odd, eccentric.” Starting in the 1700s it began to mean “suspicious, doubtful, counterfeit”, such as in the phrase “shove the queer” meaning “to circulate counterfeit money”. By 1922, queer was being used to mean homosexual, but nowadays the meaning is much broader.

The word was widely used as a slur, and still sometimes is today, but also has a long history of being used as a positive self-identifier, especially by people who:

  • have a complicated identity that is difficult to explain with a single term
  • have an orientation that cannot be explained with common terms like gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, etc.
  • are unsure of their identity, but know they aren’t straight/cisgender.
  • are not straight/cisgender but do not want to label themselves with a more specific term.
  • reject labels altogether
  • are more politically-minded
  • seek to stand out/be flamboyant rather than conform closely to cisheteronormativity

One of the first flags created specifically as the “queer flag” was created by tumblr user pastelmemer/pastelroswell on or before August 17, 2015. The shades of pink next to each other and shades of blue next to each other represent same-gender attraction, the orange and green are for nonbinary people, while black and white are for asexual, aromantic, and agender spectrum people.

Queer pride flag created by pastelmemer/pastelroswell.

Sources/Further Reading:

A Queer Power poster.
Flyers from the activist group Queer Nation, founded in 1990.

Fact/Flag of the Day for April 28 2021

“Sapphic” is an umbrella term for any women or female-aligned nonbinaries who are attracted to women/female-aligned nonbinaries. For example, lesbians, bi women, and demigirls attracted to other demigirls could all consider themselves sapphic. The term is derived from the Greek poet Sappho; her sexuality is highly debated, but from her poems it is clear that she liked women. Here is a sample verse from her Hymn to Venus.

O Venus, beauty of the skies,
To whom a thousand temples rise,
Gayly false in gentle smiles,
Full of love-perplexing wiles, 
O goddess! from my heart remove
The wasting cares and pains of love.
Sapphic pride flag.

Fact/Flag of the Day for April 27 2021

Abrosexual and abroromantic are terms meaning that the individual’s sexual and/or romantic orientation is often changing. For example, an abrosexual person could be pansexual, then later lesbian, then later asexual. This is not the same as a change in preference.

The abrosexual pride flag.
The abroromantic flag.

Fact of the Day/Flag of the Day for April 26 2021

Fact of the day/Flag of the Day is a new thing we are doing to help educate our members! Feedback is welcome via email, Twitter, or Discord!

“Achillean” is an umbrella term for any men or male-aligned nonbinaries who are attracted to men/male-aligned nonbinaries. For example, gay men, pansexual men, and demiboys attracted to other demiboys could all be considered achillean. The term is derived from the mythical character Achilles who had a relationship with Patroclus.

Some alternate terms for achillean are “vincian” (derived from Leonardo da Vinci), “wildean” (derived from Oscar Wilde), and “hyacique” from the Hyacinth flower and minor Greek deity.

The achillean pride flag incorporates blue as the color of maleness, and a green carnation which is a historical symbol of gayness.

Happy Holidays!

We hope everyone is staying warm and safe and healthy. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to a group admin if you need support or have questions.

Online Anime Night and Virtual Coffee Shop are still ongoing every Wednesday. Let us know if you have ideas for new types of meetup!

Mental Wellbeing

Times are hard for everyone. Our group admins care about your health, both mental and physical. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or just need to vent your feelings, please reach out to a friend or health care professional.

In our Discord chat you can vent your feelings in #personal-support. Note that our meetup members and admins are not professionally qualified in mental health but we will do our best to support you.

Here are some ways you can reach someone trained in mental crisis:

In Travis County you can always call the Integral Care Help Hotline at 512-472-4357.

Contact Crisis Text Line from anywhere in the USA by texting HOME to 741-741.

A counselor from The Trevor Project (services specifically for LGBTQ+ people) can be reached by phone 1-866-488-7386 or by texting START to 678-678.

Update to our Coronavirus response

this is a follow up post to our last virus post on march 14.


Hello everyone,

We are still not holding IRL meetups. We discussed this and decided it was still too soon to be social in a physical meetup space.

once I have a more firm idea, of when we go back to IRL meetups i will let everyone know.




Hello everyone. 

I am giving a update in regards to the Coronavirus. 

I have decided to suspend all of our group’s IRL meetups. This is out of concern of safety of our members. I will continue to monitor the situation and decide when its safe to restart the IRL meetups.

This was a hard decision to make. But I felt with the amount of uncertainty and cases of the virus in the Austin area. I did not want our group meetups to be a vector for spreading the virus. 


Be safe, and awesome.

Faye Archip

Leader of the LGBTQ+ anime Austin  

“Fighting Fate” Another Light show by Faye.

Song: Fighting Fate by iMeiden .

Venue: Virtual world in Capture lighting software

A Design statement by Faye Archip.

The song “Fighting Fate” by iMeiden Feels like it could be used. To describe the Trans experience. Or at least mine.

I portray the start of the journey as the reveal of the Actor. @ 0:31 seconds.Then I bring the intensity back down, as if the Actor does not know. what they want to do. At the first drop I would envision that the actor would transform into a more feminine figure. Then Have a reveal. Which starts with the second “claps” .

The part about “Heart is pounding fast, People blurring past” I would describe as the stress about coming out to Friends and Family. It might not be all peachy and happy. You could break some eggs. The line “So if I give up, stitches will come undone. And I’ll not see the person I’ve become” echoes inside me As it’s a Journey. It’s the path you start, with HRT. it’s not over night you get the attributes you want. Nor automatic for strangers to use your correct pronouns. But, But, It will help fix your gender dysphoria. After awhile people can pick up on the changes. And you become the real you..

It is a Journey, start out taking inches, feet, then a full track. Then keep on running.

LD: Faye Archip